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We find and contact the best professionals.

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Birger Jarlsgatan 62
11429 Stockholm
How quick is Behoover?

If it's urgent, we aim for "within minutes".

If not, we become more thorough and aim for "within 24 hours".

What does "good" mean to Behoover?

We contact the professionals that we think are the best in your case, for your particular need.

Note that the professionals do not pay us for sending requests to them. The only way for professionals to get more requests is by being good (and fast when it's urgent).

When replies arrive we only let the good ones through, that is those that are sincerely interested in your request. We make this possible by distributing all invitations from Behoover's email address and not yours.

When is Behoover uselful?

When you have a request, and quickly want good replies from professionals.

For example when you need catering, help with bookkeeping, to paint a room and so on.